Tanmia 360 is a Libyan NGO that strives to contribute to achieving comprehensive development in Libyan society and aims to implement programs which strengthen the role of social collaboration and civil society through youth empowerment., We seek to contribute to achieving comprehensive development in society by implementing sustainable youth-led programs that are designed based on societal needs , Believing in the right of our society and its potential to achieve comprehensive development while understanding that regarding local components in an essential factor for success, our development projects are based on the realistic needs of our society and are implemented in a sustainable manner inclusive of all

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Tanmia 360

About Us

Tanmia 360 is a Libyan NGO to support comprehensive development in Libyan society. By implementing
youth-led programs that strengthen the role of active community partnership, we strive to increase and attain stability and help achieve achieve human, social and economic development in Libyan society, sustainable in all aspects.

Story Of Tanmia 360

Our Story

We are a group of young professionals who have collaborated and joined efforts, directing them towards the development of our society, a goal from what we saw as an urgent need to spin the wheel of development projects that are able to create a positive impact on the ground.
Setting out clear objectives that push in in the direction of achieving comprehensive development, we strive to support and strengthen the role of youth in the development of their society and leading Libya towards become an advanced thriving state all its competence and professionalism.

Our Vision

.Achieve comprehensive development in Libyan society

Our Message

Tanmia 360 strives to reinforce the role of active community partnership and civil society by empowering youth to strengthen and enhance the services provided to society and progress towards comprehensive development through youth-led inclusive sustainable programs that are designed to pragmatically address realistic needs






Professionalism and Objectivity

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